I Shaved My Head Bald
Doing Lil Nas X's Makeup!
Among Us Picks My Makeup!
Adik Izzah_Baharuddin
Adik Izzah_Baharuddin 23 órája
My god damn boi just swear
John Alademerin
John Alademerin 23 órája
You are trying to defame them you suck
Sophia C-OPS
Sophia C-OPS 23 órája
Hi minors!
Alka Naik
Alka Naik 23 órája
Camron Grey
Camron Grey 23 órája
Hes changed so much omg 😩
Bella Diaz
Bella Diaz 23 órája
Please eat more videos in Spanish 🙏🏻❤️
Romona Sukhdeya
Romona Sukhdeya 23 órája
Hey don't care about the haters talk fast you are amazing you know what to do unlike other people there just jealous because you are amazing 😉✨💖😊# sisters
Amber Daniels
Amber Daniels 23 órája
yea there is snow, I live in RI and nah I dont like the winter
Courtney Dixon
Courtney Dixon 23 órája
James useing art things for makeup Also James picking the hardest eye makeup 😂
3 days after Christmas is my birthday
Aubrey Swett
Aubrey Swett 23 órája
Oh my god I just noticed that the ouija board is placed on a band stand
Layan Elsewessy
Layan Elsewessy 23 órája
Well James u are my favorite makeup heroe
Colleen Higgins
Colleen Higgins 23 órája
England kirby
zero and kono yt gaming
zero and kono yt gaming 23 órája
gg lol
Aestheitcs With Abby
Aestheitcs With Abby 23 órája
The victim is never the one to blame. You have a large platform, are well educated, and have bestfriends that are MINORS. You're officially irrelevant. I unfollowed all your accounts, and all my friends did too.
Lava lout
Lava lout 23 órája
jesus dude ur so annoying bro
Neil Onions
Neil Onions 23 órája
The irony of the HUpost ad being "keep away from children" ad 😂😂
Dunja Vukojicic
Dunja Vukojicic 23 órája
Pleaseee more these videos pleasee ❤️🥺
Coolcornmuffins502 23 órája
I don't like James Charles that much but this song is GREAT and I mean it.
Coolcornmuffins502 23 órája
Like really mean it
Annie Likes worms
Annie Likes worms 23 órája
I’d honestly love to be friends James-
mari shoal
mari shoal 23 órája
Period :^
Anah Patel
Anah Patel 23 órája
I have the exact same electric lighter and the fly swatter thingy, too! Like, they’re total lifesavers!
Aryan :)
Aryan :) 23 órája
James and two PROBLEMATIC queens 😉😁
Elise Reeves
Elise Reeves 23 órája
Do you really really really need to can you sing me I just Channel I love you sister
Strawberry cow Cream
Strawberry cow Cream 23 órája
This is amazing jame’s your so good at singing!
hi 23 órája
“none of us drink it,it’s gross” the only time I can agree with james
Janine Lucia Rooplall
Janine Lucia Rooplall 23 órája
Drunk james is funny
Sapcio52 23 órája
Omg James 🥺❤️ so beautiful
Enderson Graterol
Enderson Graterol 23 órája
BlackBlessing Me
BlackBlessing Me 23 órája
"Yeah u have big freckles now" -charli damelio 2020
Grace McGrath
Grace McGrath 23 órája
he kinda looks like ursula
Zoe McPherson
Zoe McPherson 23 órája
ok so i'm 10 years old and i don't have a phone and then there is Elliot who is 4 years old and has a phone EXCUSE ME
Scot MacPherson
Scot MacPherson 23 órája
Love you 😘
Spina Zasrana
Spina Zasrana 23 órája
My respect for you now : 📉📉📉📉
Success Eromonsele
Success Eromonsele 23 órája
Love u 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💗💖💗💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💗💖💗💖💗💖
Castiel Winchester bansal
Castiel Winchester bansal 23 órája
Wifey Material 😊
ItsSia:3 23 órája
Who is watching in 2021? 👇
can u do this video reacting Smart Beauty Hacks and DIY Makeup Ideas For Girls! from crafty panda plus .it will be fun
Gabriella Cormier
Gabriella Cormier 23 órája
I'm a Gemini to
Shreeya Kumar
Shreeya Kumar Napja
You are the fastest typer I have ever seen.
Gissela Castillo
Gissela Castillo Napja
Juega lo mismo con ellls pero tambien con juan de dios pantoja y kim loaiza 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏
BlackBlessing Me
BlackBlessing Me Napja
One of the guys cheated 😂
British Boy
British Boy Napja
Who would give a 5 year old a phone When I have kids I will wait until there an adult Then I will give them a phone
Ayesha Kashif
Ayesha Kashif Napja
ok im from Pakistan where there is snow but i live in Dubai so no snow.
Abigail Williams
Abigail Williams Napja
Not James thanking people for 300k me looking at his 25mill 😳
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Napja
James u suck
Philippa Poblete
Philippa Poblete Napja
James: starts to put on bow, gets into topic and stops
Yandelis Rodriguez
Yandelis Rodriguez Napja
Que hermasa quedo kinberli y que lindo maquilla❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💗💖💖💗😍😍😍😘😘
Hypexr Napja
the fact he dragged tony and his brother for grooming yet later does it himself is just hypocritically embarrassing.
Maxene Corbe
Maxene Corbe Napja
Full face of 5-minute haks yooo i think it will be bomb
Dinah Mojapelo
Dinah Mojapelo Napja
Sister James r u playing hide n seek with us cause I don't want to seek
Waffle Luna
Waffle Luna Napja
This was a nice video but h3he ain’t gonna like this
Advita Arora
Advita Arora Napja
Jojo: **owns billion dollar company ** Me: mOm CaN I gEt a sLiCe of PIZzA?
Aaisha Aziz
Aaisha Aziz Napja
I love Jame's reaction.
zelana john
zelana john Napja
you look beautiful
Carla VeranoLuri
Carla VeranoLuri Napja
u literally hardly post anymore
Gabrielle Elise Laurea
Gabrielle Elise Laurea Napja
I live in the Philippines 🇵🇭 and there is zero snow here
Weendy Lry
Weendy Lry Napja
This gave me goosebumps
Grace McGrath
Grace McGrath Napja
don't know why they complain about how fast or how slow you talk because it just annoys me how people complain about speech
hakmin kim
hakmin kim Napja
I like you cut G
Tzipporah Chouake
Tzipporah Chouake Napja
Is anyone else rewatching this because James hasn’t posted in a week and a half?
purple sunflower
purple sunflower Napja
James: a little goes a long way Also james: does like two hundred squirts
CuteDoggo 123
CuteDoggo 123 Napja
Little did james know... 2020 was the worst
vania calista
vania calista Napja
apart from his drama... i think james creates great content
Mike Wazowskis nudes
Mike Wazowskis nudes Napja
He was the last person I expected…
Zoe Pisani
Zoe Pisani Napja
He should do quackity's makeup lmao-
BookWorm Napja
It's so sad she can't see herself, she's so beautiful.
Zoe Pisani
Zoe Pisani Napja
He should do quackity's makeup lmao-
HeyItzFreyFrey Napja
the red haired girl is the definition of a pick me basic girl
Hollie B
Hollie B Napja
You sooo could pull that off you look beautiful! 😍✨
The game Girl
The game Girl Napja
James for shou
The Sandwich Maker
The Sandwich Maker Napja
15:18 that is actually not jigsaw, it is the puppet John made for Gideon (his dead son) and the puppets name is Billy ^^
Ian Suh
Ian Suh Napja
last thing i expected today
Riley Jane KingiMcKinnon
Riley Jane KingiMcKinnon Napja
But some are help full
brenette t
brenette t Napja
Jojo is look like ronda rausey
Riley Jane KingiMcKinnon
Riley Jane KingiMcKinnon Napja
You should not watch them because you do better make up then them and you don’t need hakes cause you are amazing at make up
Berliant Napja
Omg they're both are really adorablee
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber Napja
James I really did trust you and believe in you...why did you do that!?
lilly stiles
lilly stiles Napja
ur supposed to be grooming ur dogs, not minors.