Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Kanta Devi
Kanta Devi 2 órája
Hey James I am from India Delhi
SiniyRus 3 órája
i dont like winter times since i live in mountain and its hard to go down
Reghan Mitchell
Reghan Mitchell 3 órája
No I live in Australia
iris da god
iris da god 4 órája
hi i am from hell and obviously there is no snow here
oliver konsam
oliver konsam 5 órája
I am from India Manipur we don't have snow in here
Patsi Butler
Patsi Butler 12 órája
Hey James I live in Virginia and sometimes it snow but barley this year it snowed more then usual
Elijah Krama
Elijah Krama 12 órája
I'm from Suriname 🇸🇷 I wish that snow was in Suriname but no snow here 😭😭😭😭
Alex Dawn
Alex Dawn 14 órája
Me living in Ireland-
Angela Carr
Angela Carr 14 órája
im not at home
Amy Hany
Amy Hany 18 órája
Unfortunately I live in Egypt so sadly there is no snow but it's VERY COLD 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
Lizzette Reynoso
Lizzette Reynoso 21 órája
No because I live in CA
The Teddy Triplets
The Teddy Triplets Napja
do a amkeup look of litteral ice like your frozen not the product
Yeji KIM
Yeji KIM 2 napja
Am I dYiNg?!
Yeji KIM
Yeji KIM 2 napja
I'm frm a country that has snow but we live in Singapore and therez no snow
Roberto Renderos
Roberto Renderos 2 napja
9:53 lol
Roberto Renderos
Roberto Renderos 2 napja
9:22 can you read that or is it backwards lol I laughed so hard I fell out of my bed and 9:53 am I dying
IGNACIA policroni
IGNACIA policroni 2 napja
11:49 James is dead 😭✋😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
IGNACIA policroni
IGNACIA policroni 2 napja
7:49 like- if you get like frozen you can’t survive so LOL
Даша Мохович
Даша Мохович 2 napja
Знаешь, я живу в России и у нас в недавно опять был снег и это при том, что я живу не в самом холодном городе :/
Zulma Rosario
Zulma Rosario 3 napja
Demonic Sponge
Demonic Sponge 3 napja
9:09 I hated that noise
ChloeSavay Rodriguez-Lopez
ChloeSavay Rodriguez-Lopez 3 napja
I have the James Charles make up palette
ChloeSavay Rodriguez-Lopez
ChloeSavay Rodriguez-Lopez 3 napja
I love the winter just don’t get winter in California cause I live in California my cousin does get snow because she’s in Texas
aesthetic vibbez
aesthetic vibbez 3 napja
i live in england and during december- march there can be snow
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley 3 napja
James: My palette doesn’t usually have fallout My James Charles x Morphe Palette that has hella fallout: 👁👄👁
CCA Twins!
CCA Twins! 3 napja
and i hate winter
CCA Twins!
CCA Twins! 3 napja
im in edmonton alberta , SNOW AND SUMMER!!!!
carlie harding
carlie harding 3 napja
Canada so obviously 🙄❄️
MreiHouse 3 napja
You and Sssniperwolf collab!!!
Света 3 napja
In the place where I come from, the snow began to melt in 2021, only at the end of March. Yes he lay for so long🙌😊
olivia cg
olivia cg 3 napja
i live in toronto, and there is tons of snow! i like the snow for a bit but after a few weeks i get TIRED of it.
Nastya Vasilieva
Nastya Vasilieva 4 napja
Я из России из Якутии у нас обычно зимой температура на улице достигает до минус 60 градусов))
Pidor Tochkanet
Pidor Tochkanet 4 napja
lmao i’m from Russia, sooooooo it's still snowing!(it is in my region) ✌️
Chloe Digiovine
Chloe Digiovine 4 napja
I love the winter bc my bday and Jesus has his bday too And like if you have a winter bday Have a wonderful if you see this be awesome
zahid gafoor
zahid gafoor 4 napja
I am from Pakistan
Poppy Keller
Poppy Keller 4 napja
8:49 just like my dog when he is in trouble... lol
Poppy Keller
Poppy Keller 4 napja
i live in canada so there is snow every winter - i mean, snow makes christmas, christmas, so i have fun then!!!
Femke Leskens
Femke Leskens 4 napja
im living in the netherlands. there is snow like once a year for a couple of days.
Mem H
Mem H 5 napja
8:00 I have bad news for u bestie 😬
Anette Normak
Anette Normak 5 napja
i live in estonia and there is snow
Keira Pettorini
Keira Pettorini 5 napja
i cryed during that song
Keira Pettorini
Keira Pettorini 5 napja
heeeeeehaaaaaaaaaheeeehaaaaaaheeeehaaaa its me agan
Ace is my cat
Ace is my cat 5 napja
No it doesn't snow I live in Louisiana
Riley Gillen
Riley Gillen 5 napja
James:” is there snow where do you live?“ Me:” no I live in Texas we never get snow:(“
S W 5 napja
Приветик из России 😄
Moideenkunju Moideenkunju
Moideenkunju Moideenkunju 5 napja
there is no snow where i am living . i am living in kerala in india i dont know if its a blessing or a curse .lol
Angelina Santelia
Angelina Santelia 5 napja
i live in new York there is a lot of snow. Some times I like the snow
Madisynn World
Madisynn World 6 napja
I live in Michigan so yes. It just snowed in April...
Claribel Vargas
Claribel Vargas 6 napja
Yes and i hate the snow ❄️
a u b r e y
a u b r e y 6 napja
James, u changed.
Елизавета Харгривс
Елизавета Харгривс 6 napja
i live in Russia))))))))))))))))))))
Asiya Park
Asiya Park 6 napja
Masha_Cher. 6 napja
I live in Moscow (Russia) we are not as cold as many people think. We are used to -15, -10 degrees and less, but I like warm weather more . I also like ski resorts.
Aka Rober
Aka Rober 5 napja
The most homophobic country
Saimah Nasir
Saimah Nasir 7 napja
Hopefully you don't catch a cold.
Inventions 4 napja
I hope he does not going to lie.
S Dam
S Dam 7 napja
James: is there snow where you live? Me:Partly yes
Kirsten Markham
Kirsten Markham 7 napja
from Wisconsin so yes we get snow.... its great for Christmas but not for 6 mths of the year
Renaissa Pathak
Renaissa Pathak 7 napja
Olive 7 napja
BAHAHAHA lol there is no snow in Australia...If you like don't count Mt Hothan and stuff
Farah Ahmed El Bakry
Farah Ahmed El Bakry 7 napja
I do not live in a place with snow because I live and from Egypt but I like the cold But I am also part Turkish and British but I have never been to turkey and I do not remember England because I was 4
Zoey Barnd
Zoey Barnd 7 napja
Aisha Shahid
Aisha Shahid 8 napja
I live in Chicago and it snows there but I sometimes hate it and I sometimes like it
[no name] TvT
[no name] TvT 8 napja
No and I live in Thailand I can't stand the Heat winter time I like it
Deepika 8 napja
I live india Mumbai And it actually Snows but in Kashmir and Idk I only know Kashmir Oh also Manali And In Mumbai Winter is not here only 2 or 1 season monsoon and summer Thank u🤷🏻‍♀️
чудо чудное
чудо чудное 8 napja
I live in Russia. Winter is my life.
Жанна Хайруллина
Жанна Хайруллина 8 napja
I from Russia
Александр Фетисов
Александр Фетисов 8 napja
I'm from Russia and it's snowing instead of 3 months for 5 or 6
Миша К
Миша К 8 napja
I'm from Russia
asacura55 8 napja
I'm from Russia.... snow is my lifestyle :3
Sawwa Kasko
Sawwa Kasko 8 napja
То чувство когда ты живёшь в России где почти всегда холодно
ёбанный бобанный
ёбанный бобанный 8 napja
Смотря где находишься
Darina Sharipova
Darina Sharipova 8 napja
james: where do you live? me:in russia😂👍
_soffiassi_ 8 napja
In Russia in the Urals, snow melted only in early April!✌🏻😹I wonder if I'm the only Russian here?🥺🇷🇺
lillys channel
lillys channel Napja
@Анна Алубинова ♎︎♊︎♈︎♎︎♌︎♒︎
сойка 5 napja
далеко не везде:) на юге снега вообще почти не бывает
Анна Алубинова
Анна Алубинова 6 napja
Как видишь, не одна :3
Полина Самойлова
Полина Самойлова 7 napja
鈴木八千花 8 napja
Emily Womack
Emily Womack 8 napja
i am from Texas it very hot
Ioana Voicu
Ioana Voicu 8 napja
There is no snow it just melted yesterday i live in romania
Mj the little Prinses
Mj the little Prinses 8 napja
Mj the little Prinses
Mj the little Prinses 8 napja
Mj the little Prinses
Mj the little Prinses 8 napja
Haley Kalinowski
Haley Kalinowski 8 napja
The mascara and glue 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Diana Ekimova
Diana Ekimova 8 napja
I am from Russia🇷🇺
Willy Joy.
Willy Joy. 8 napja
James: Is there snow there you live? Me: Yes!!! I live in Russia, there is a lot of snow in winter
Reimi Sugimoto
Reimi Sugimoto 8 napja
Ну, похоже, что русские делают это каждый день
Olive 7 napja
鈴木八千花 8 napja
Хах, ага
Ариона Шляйх
Ариона Шляйх 8 napja
I live on the Continent of Eurasia in Ukraine) and there was no snow this year only once I could have drunk it in my city.😓
阿丽 8 napja
Blake Jenkins
Blake Jenkins 9 napja
I absolutely love your intro song sister!
Fandom Flxwer
Fandom Flxwer 9 napja
12:03 is me everyday I have school
Nemo Water
Nemo Water 9 napja
I love how my sis say James charls sister shook
Jayden Brix
Jayden Brix 9 napja
:James am I dying :Me yes your dying James btw sarcasm
Jayden Brix
Jayden Brix 9 napja
:James do you have snow where you live :Me heck yes I had 3 feet I live in New Jersey, I’m nine btw
Alexis Carima
Alexis Carima 9 napja
yes, but snows in the winter and sometimes fall and I live in Merrimack new hampshire.
Hannah Gordon
Hannah Gordon 9 napja
I hate the winter
Roblox girl Hi
Roblox girl Hi 9 napja
Me in UAE it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot
Grace Kowch
Grace Kowch 9 napja
i live in canada so yeah we get a loot of snow... last year it snowed in may on my birthday
Mic Cui
Mic Cui 9 napja
I live in Canada. Longest winters ever!!!!!!!!!!! So cold.
Analia Amaya-Rodriguez
Analia Amaya-Rodriguez 9 napja
yes and i love it
_Soul_Prity_ 9 napja
No here is no snow 😕😕😕.... I'm from India ❤
• Mxrzie_ Mxrs •
• Mxrzie_ Mxrs • 10 napja
There is no snow here :( I live in India
Isla Titterton
Isla Titterton 10 napja
I love this video but your face something happened it’s all pale
Nicole Barre
Nicole Barre 10 napja
I like the winter ❄️ here it looks better on your mind you don’t know you are in my heart 💜
Jenna Spry
Jenna Spry 10 napja
i live in a place where there is snow and i love the snow its even better when you go out side when you only have socks on
lily eyeslaser
lily eyeslaser 10 napja
I’m glad I’m not in there
Cat Noir
Cat Noir 10 napja
Love you james
ladybug squad
ladybug squad 10 napja
yes i live in canada ontario and it snows
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