I Bought The Worst FAKE James Charles Merch

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James Charles


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I ordered FAKE James Charles Merch from knockoff bootleg websites and decided to review it for you guys for a good laugh and to hopefully save you some money! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Dan Nadify
EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Jackie Ramos Rocha
Jackie Ramos Rocha Órája
I love it 😂
Alexis Miller
Alexis Miller 6 órája
The various digital affectively note because son molecularly murder below a abaft euphonium. resonant, silly temple
Ratitini 7 órája
You should give your faith to God. It’s not to late to repent. God loves you
Damon Pacitti
Damon Pacitti 9 órája
You a boy
Damon Pacitti
Damon Pacitti 9 órája
Boy yes sir
Damon Pacitti
Damon Pacitti 9 órája
Girl lol
xblueberriesssx 10 órája
I’m petitioning for James to make an actual lunch box now with real catch phrases Can it also come with a pinkity drinkity water bottle 🤭💖🎀🛍🌸👛👚
Zane Bentley
Zane Bentley 11 órája
im officially a closet james charles fan
Vicky Roberts
Vicky Roberts 12 órája
Okay I'm now the lunch box I agree with that look you just gave your crew and the camera 🤣
Vicky Roberts
Vicky Roberts 12 órája
James Charles be nicer that parent is cute like you can't be talking and you need to put some patterns on yours
Adnan Ad
Adnan Ad 15 órája
Teacher : why are you laughing Me: nothing My brain : *TUrTLe CHARLeS*
Naomy Tamura
Naomy Tamura 16 órája
the turtle skirt omggggg I'm dead💀
{•Tea Time•}
{•Tea Time•} 18 órája
He forgot “shore”.🤣
Anava Royale
Anava Royale Napja
I’m a horrible queen For the frogs ;-;
I’m a horrible queen For the frogs ;-; Napja
Not today satan I say that to my brothers every day cause there basically a demon lol
Amy Brandt
Amy Brandt Napja
does anyone know what website i can buy the flashback mary comforter on?
Isabella Mayi
Isabella Mayi Napja
13:02 yea they do, for u to go to jail FOR GROOMING
Elise Napja
Imagine you go to stay at James' house and he leads you to this room and is just like bye sister... would you be afraid?
southththss Napja
i just KNOW quackity would love that minecraft pillow
DixChario 2 napja
Sister.... didn’t you have 420 videos?
Eviepop367 2 napja
James: "oH My gOsH-" toothpaste add comes on.....
Kells M
Kells M 2 napja
James I Just Bought Your Palette!! 💗
Farrah Rodgers
Farrah Rodgers 2 napja
6:47 Why does The Skirt look like James as a Baby then a turtle lol😂😂😂
Gracie Rebec
Gracie Rebec 2 napja
Hey Sisters!
Ram Jam
Ram Jam 2 napja
You forgot shore
Fèlix Léon
Fèlix Léon 3 napja
Buuuut its all still the same as the official merch that has huge markups so you make huge profits, i bet its all the same supplier lol
Rebekah Arango
Rebekah Arango 3 napja
The backpack should have said shore
Elizabeth Mendoza
Elizabeth Mendoza 3 napja
Hi sisters
Elizabeth Mendoza
Elizabeth Mendoza 3 napja
Hi s
Xuxa Hernandez
Xuxa Hernandez 3 napja
8:23 this is the most ridiculous, hideous shirt I have ever seen
Frances Reader
Frances Reader 3 napja
I love how james never uses clickbait like tyyyy
barbieghouls¡ 3 napja
why does james have prettier thighs than me 💔
Nicole Jenks
Nicole Jenks 3 napja
you didnt do good on what you did this made me really sad i cant believe you did that :(
Atlas Gamer
Atlas Gamer 3 napja
Me: Eating a cupcake *peacefully* 8:28 : So r u about to stop eating or do I have to make u
Matilda Mannion
Matilda Mannion 3 napja
again pls
Hannah Beam
Hannah Beam 3 napja
Ok I hope he doesn’t actually sue a lot of these creators they’re all pretty funny and a lot less harmful than things like knock off pallets
Kyla The cupcake
Kyla The cupcake 3 napja
Hi James
Naomi And Lo ToyLand
Naomi And Lo ToyLand 3 napja
So weird
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 3 napja
The present radar coronally ignore because turnover findingsinitially mourn inside a uppity relish. troubled, sore boundary
Shotos Sister
Shotos Sister 4 napja
Whaaa ok thats not worse then what i found a T-shirt says "Jamesis crisis " I was like brother you ok?
Kyle Flick
Kyle Flick 4 napja
ok but you getting exposed...?
Izzy and skit
Izzy and skit 4 napja
cenora ୨୧
cenora ୨୧ 4 napja
i love the candle one 😭😭
Caroline Bradrick
Caroline Bradrick 4 napja
Don’t forget and “In no way shape or form”
Tiny Satan
Tiny Satan 4 napja
I low-key want that pillow
Dow Bailey
Dow Bailey 4 napja
Don’t be shy James, you can unleash your inner tortoise anytime you want
Grace c:
Grace c: 4 napja
Does anybody have any recommendations for good foundation (medium coverage-full coverage) for a cheap price?
Lucy Pennings
Lucy Pennings 4 napja
Pleaseeee do a colab with Dixie Damilio where you do her makeup I would looooove it
Destany Broumand
Destany Broumand 4 napja
Me: buying a mystery box for $82 Person packing it: *grabs James Charles turtle skirt* “lovely” Edit: me: -_- “I guess...”
Samantha Ashford
Samantha Ashford 4 napja
Hi sister
sαrαн 4 napja
8:34 someone has to pay my therapy after seeing that..
Aubriana Ibarra
Aubriana Ibarra 4 napja
It’s the face crunch for me
Me,Mimi, papa and others
Me,Mimi, papa and others 4 napja
Me,Mimi, papa and others
Me,Mimi, papa and others 4 napja
Me,Mimi, papa and others
Me,Mimi, papa and others 4 napja
I love oh so much that I bought a lot of your merch!
Aesthetic Vibes
Aesthetic Vibes 4 napja
imagen you pull up to your mans and you cuddling on the sofa and he says lets take this to the bedroom and he has a James Charles duvet cover-
Zoey Bogusch
Zoey Bogusch 4 napja
It’s not working
Twilight Swan
Twilight Swan 4 napja
He really took the time to make that bed
Ryujin’s broken shoulders
Ryujin’s broken shoulders 5 napja
8:26 my nightmare has come true😭👹
Will3 PlayZ
Will3 PlayZ 5 napja
Ta Chi
Ta Chi 5 napja
The outstanding pin chiefly program because oboe perplexingly present on a jealous suede. tedious, gamy blanket
Moggy Mooo
Moggy Mooo 5 napja
Someone at netball has ur real sisters jumper
Timothy Jr. Hubbard
Timothy Jr. Hubbard 5 napja
ME at 5:17 :()
Avani Singh
Avani Singh 5 napja
Isn't it a bit irrespectfull of you saying it's worst.. afterall it's made by your fans❤️
Lia Strix
Lia Strix 5 napja
“25$ is not that bad” Me: I have a 5 dollar backpack from the goodwill...LOL I’m just trying to be funny
Isabella Baker
Isabella Baker 5 napja
Catchphrase 'Shore'
MoreMusic 5 napja
_Marysia_ 5 napja
Woah woah wooooaaaaahhhh!!! Yeah yeah yeeeaaaahhhh!!!!
Jaddiel1969 Green
Jaddiel1969 Green 5 napja
im not a teen im 9 and im a boy
Tickle Torture Squad
Tickle Torture Squad 5 napja
Nora Grace
Nora Grace 5 napja
James:"Jesus Christ, James Charles same initails, never saw us in the same place" Team: says something James: Probly not because i am going to hell. Team: YESSSSSS!!!!!
BunBun’s Outlet
BunBun’s Outlet 5 napja
The thumbnail made me blow up
ava m
ava m 5 napja
Dylan Blackston
Dylan Blackston 6 napja
Idk why ppl say he’s bad
Rebecca Coston
Rebecca Coston 6 napja
Melanie Bhashika Ranathunga
Melanie Bhashika Ranathunga 6 napja
Why we buy fakes , Couse we are broken 😂
Nitriyo Jaaz
Nitriyo Jaaz 6 napja
You literally help me through my periods you're that pure James 🥺❤
Tara Twyman
Tara Twyman 6 napja
I am your biggest fan I have watched all of your posts and videos I'm a big fan keep up the good work and videos and you have inspired Me I love your videos 🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛🧡🧡🧡❤❤❤😇😇😇😄😄😄😁😁😁🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍
Rat_Trap_69 6 napja
8:35 i need that where can i get it
Neptunezz Cricket
Neptunezz Cricket 6 napja
Daphne M
Daphne M 6 napja
I luv your intro
Kayls 6 napja
I have found my kids baptismal candle.
Modesto0 AvilaModestos
Modesto0 AvilaModestos 6 napja
Hey sister
Modesto0 AvilaModestos
Modesto0 AvilaModestos 6 napja
Naomi Davis
Naomi Davis 6 napja
Rhedyn Owen
Rhedyn Owen 6 napja
I want to get your merch but I think kids at my school would make fun of me for it 😅
Vivian Blum
Vivian Blum 6 napja
the sisters fill in shirt is perfect for a nun-club
Cynthia Diaz
Cynthia Diaz 6 napja
The people watching this that made that 👁💧👄💧👁
Leanne Mullan
Leanne Mullan 6 napja
"this is not a commercial" XD
Bubbles 6 napja
SHORE you forgot shore 😭😳
gamegirl124 6 napja
Omg his number is it real plz tell
tomura.shigaraki 6 napja
"Hi sisters!" never gets old.
Clara Skarbek
Clara Skarbek 6 napja
The companies who made these be like: Real James Charles merch!! Tested and approved by James Charles himself
Melissa Auxier
Melissa Auxier 6 napja
bye sister
Haiden Montgomery
Haiden Montgomery 6 napja
I love you
Isabella LeRoy
Isabella LeRoy 6 napja
Me:mom can I buy this backpack? Two seconds later James: please don’t buy this
Isabella LeRoy
Isabella LeRoy 6 napja
I love it how u talk with your hands
Bubble Corn
Bubble Corn 6 napja
I dare u to do a dare video for 26 mill pwease
Kirke Ilves
Kirke Ilves 6 napja
Turtle James cool
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